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16 March 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Cupcakes, WonderCon, and an Interlude  
Needle felting is an unusual thing. And like many things, it was introduced to me by Livvea. How strange is that?

Being the crazed fan and lover of cute I am, this weekend I decided to bring two of those things together. How did I do this? I began needle felting Doctor Who cupcakes. It began, like many things, as a conversation with Livvea. We were each respectively doing our own things and procrastinating magnificently and I asked her for an opinion on a color combination for a needle felted cupcake I wanted to make. One thing led to another, and as it always does, it led to Doctor Who.
I felted first a Handy cupcake, as would be expected, after that Rose and after that Donna. The rest of them (Ten, Martha, Jack, and Eleven, plus a TARDIS) are still to come along with a picspam. The little guys are about an inch tall and an inch across with big fluffy tops of woolly icing.
Strange as they may be, and as obscure as they may be (because no one except our group of friends will understand exactly what they are) I love them very much and only hope they do not reach an unfortunate Hazel-involved death.

~ A brief interlude~
In art yesterday, I was showing the series of portraits I had done over the weekend to Chittle. We were looking at them and she was guessing who they were to many giggles and snorts when she turned the last page (a portrait of Olivia) and came face to face with a very fluffy picture of Handy and Rose snuggled on a sofa. Of course... It was actually not that funny later when we recounted the tale to the others, but at the time, it sent Chittle and I into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Probably just because I had just shown her around 8 semi-realistic head shot portraits which suddenly transitioned into cutesy manga-esque shipper fluff. Naturally... Portrait. Portrait. Fluff. Portrait. Portrait. Fluff! We could play nanny nanny rich kid with my sketchbook!

WonderCon is fast approaching. I am considering to a cram sew of my mushroom skirt which I already have the fabric for, although I am not sure if I have the speed to do it like 'Vaa. I am not planning on having much money to spend this year, since I spent all of my funds at Gallifrey, but who knows... I am very excited about some of the screenings and [maybe] panels although apparently WonderCon has crap panels.

Now I hope that was how a journal entry of this sort was supposed to go and that it did not ramble to much. It can only get better from here.

Best Wishes!
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