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03 April 2010 @ 10:24 pm
The Eleventh Hour~ Fast Review  
So I got back around nine from WonderCon. We got to see 'The Eleventh Hour' and it was AMAZING. I'm going to watch it again tomorrow and write a formal review and make a video for Livvea and I's new Doctor Who video channel.

Honestly, I was very happy with it. The art direction was beautiful and the episode was fast-paced, epic, and engaging, just like a Doctor Who episode should be. I was with a few friends who have only seen a few episodes and they are hooked now. They're watching it on BBC and catching up in between. The performance of the Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as well were great.

I am very worried about the Doctor/Amy potential. But then again, Steven Moffet was never fond of Rose, so it's only natural he should have a romantic opposite for the Doctor when he took over. As a result of this, I may like Amy less during the season, right now though, I like her. It was very cute at the end how they panned over all her Doctor stuff. I think they will have a very strong relationship, and it is good for him, after his angst-fest in the end of time [a lifetime ago]. It would be weird though, if they had chemistry since the first time he met her she was about 10, except you know, it IS the Doctor. Right now, Amy seems like a mix of Donna and Rose. She's in love-ish with the Doctor and is all *tension* with him, but she also seems like she's going to be his friend and companion. She's sassy and doesn't take lip from him like Martha [and sometime Rose] did. I was very amused by Amy when the Doctor was changing...that's all I'll say. I liked it, but you know...I'm a DOCTOR/ROSE shipper xD
It's strange though, thinking I may have shipper wars with people now, between Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Amy. I mean, there are the Doctor/Martha people, but everyone knows they weren't really a couple couple. *prepares self*
I like how Rory is going to be JUST LIKE MICKEY. Why can't the Doctor pick single women who are interested in him?
I'm already itching for next week, god, this is going to be hard watching it as it airs.

I really liked when the Doctor told off the whatever-they-were-calleds. The eye-things. It was epic. When he stepped through the hologram, that was when I knew, "He's the Doctor."

I am however, disappointed in the theme song. I liked the credits, but the new remix of the intro I don't like. It doesn't sound quite like the regular "bum ba-bum bum ba-bum bum ba-bum bum." To me at least. The new TARDIS interior is wonderful I think, although I will miss the old one.

My favorite moment in the new episode may have been this: www.youtube.com/watch
I made an icon for it :D It's my current one. If you'd like to steal it, go ahead:

OK then, all I have to reflect on right now. :)