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09 July 2010 @ 02:07 pm
Amy Pond ~ Vampires of Venice  
So I decided to pull together an Amy Pond Vampires of Venice costume. I have the tights, jacket, and a temporary scarf. I'm also dying my hair ginger (even if it's not the right cut). It turns out I'm going to ComicCon for a day and I don't want to bring my Jabe dress because it will get killed in the crowds.

My jacket.

My scarf. It's the wrong pattern (Amy's is lacy) and more silky-ish, but the color and length are really good.

I'm going to the mall with Jazzy and Livvea next week to find the other stuff. I need it before I go to camp because it's going to be a massive whogasm xD Fish and Custard for lunch O YAH. WITH BANANAS.