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24 July 2010 @ 11:53 pm
Amy is Done!  
I'm going to camp tomorrow and I'll be having a Whofest with thepufflehuffer(s) and my finished Amy Pond Vampires of Venice costume is in my suitcase. I'm going to fix my hair dye soon so I'll have gingerish hair (hopefully).

Pictures will be up when I get back.

I don't have the nailpolish or the A necklace unfortunately. Or the right shoes D:

I bought shorts temporarily because
A) There were no jean skirts ANYWHERE
B) Running around in a forest is better not in a skirt.

Also, I have such a girl crush on Karen Gillan. Her and the costume are what finally got me to stop biting my nails. Because I wanted to paint them pretty colors like her (bright blue nao)