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09 July 2010 @ 01:43 pm
Sutro Park Picspam (and a GGP Video!)  
So, very delayed (of course) is a picspam from our second outing to Sutro Park as well as the video for our Golden Gate Park outing. I promise I'll start using my journal more! Pinky swear! (like anyone cares, pssshhh)

Video for the other outing, as promised:

The first of many cookie pictures.

The pokemon master, Annabel, and her pokemon, Yejimon.

 phonestomper in her amazing dress she made. She hates it and it's her least favorite of all her dresses but isn't it MAGIC. If you feel inclined, comment saying it is so she realizes the truth. We were recreating a picture of her as a baby, kind of a then and now thing.

A (mostly) group picture of all of us on a wall. Sydney and Yeji were taking them though, so they're not in this one.

Eva prepares to kick her husband off the wall, without her knowing!

The innocent scholar jots down thoughts among the flowers.

Delicious flowers! Taste like vanilla!

Chittle and Livvea, the unhappy couple.

Pondering the void...


Being beautiful a hundred feet above the highway.

Young love! (Me and my 'husband')


Polite butler cookie-eating!

Me up on the battlements

Asleep in the ivy.

Innocent Maa and in the background scandalous chaos!

Flashing my petticoats.


Annabel anguishing our fallen friend.

Family portrait in a tree!
(poor tree)

I'm stuck in the tree!

Eva promises to catch me! Such a wonderful mother!

Maa goes Mary Poppins!

Livvea and I jumping for joy!

My husband musicalabyss had her first root beer float at the diner we went to after. So asian!

Sydney was very happy with her orange soda.

Note: Extremely photoshopped.