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Giorgia Lamarnza
02 March 2010 @ 12:28 am
I will do my Gallifrey recap when I have more time to order thoughts into sensible words and phrases.

I'm missing it though, so I've been busy adding people from there on various accounts and thinking about next year already. :D

In short, I had an amazing experience this year and met all kinds of wonderful people.

Ribbon Trading/Collecting– I got 22
My Costume/Masquerade– I really can't believe I won!
The Dalek saying 'DFTBA'
Getting glomped by Tommy Knight
Geek Bonding

I have all kinds of simmering ideas now though, for costuming and other things.

I'm going to add to my Jabe dress for next year [the color and props] and maybe sew in pockets to it because that would be useful.
I don't know what big costume I'm going to do, but I definitely am going to do a group with Eva and Olivia. I'm going to be a lolita 11, Olivia's going to be a lolita Dalek or 10 [she hasn't decided] and Eva's going to be a lolita TARDIS. I'm already doing sketches. They'll be incomplete though since I don't have enough references.
I can't decide if I'm going to sew from scratch, or get pieces and alter them or a mixture of both.

I have A MILLION ideas for ribbons as well as about 80 left from Gally 2010, so I'll have to decide what I'm doing with that.

I am going to pester the hell out of the people at Gallifrey because they need to to do something involving Trock. Either play it, get a Trock band to come, have a panel, something. I won't be leading it though because I am not particularly musically inclined.

And if you're a DA person, more fanfiction soon, I feel inspired. *geh*

So...I'm feeling better, not to sad, just excited because I have 353 days until next year to do awesome things!

Good night because I need to sleep for school tomorrow [unfortunately]

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Giorgia Lamarnza
16 January 2010 @ 08:05 pm

Jabe from the Forest of Cheem
by ~lamarnza on deviantART

Some fanart for Jabe from the End of the World. I love her! She's so unappreciated. I'm going as her to Gallifrey One.
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*ood*: Dear Jamie, HelloGoodbye